Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sexy Babe: Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa (小澤マリア, Ozawa Maria), also known as Miyabi (みやび, Miyabi)(born January 8, 1986), is a popular Japanese AV idol.Maria Ozawa is of mixed-race parentage. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian, which gives her a look that has been described as "a perfect balance of Japanese beauty mixed with a dash of exoticism." Since she attended an international school from primary school to high school, she claims that her English reading and writing ability is better than her Japanese. Despite her international background, in interviews Ozawa expresses a preference for Asian sexual and romantic partners. While at school, she played hockey every day, and often went to karaoke after class. Her hobbies include cooking, which she is good at, and watching AVs on her flatscreen television set. She also enjoys playing video games, and owns a pink Nintendo DS Lite, and a pink PlayStation 2 console.

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